Accounting expertise

  • Analysis of the financial statements and special assignments reserved by law for certified public accountants (special reporting during the legal transformation of a company, conflicts of interest, issuance of shares below par value, The limitation of preferential subscription rights, the granting of priority rights to former shareholders, the merger or division of a company, the liquidation of a company)
  • Verification and adjustment of all accounting documents


  • Classification, encoding and periodic declarations
  • Analytical accounting and management
  • Partial or complete audit of your accounts
  • Maintaining legal books
  • Preparation of the annual accounts and their appendices
  • Financial Reporting


  • Helping or dealing with personal income tax declarations, companies or legal entities
  • Assistance or support for VAT declarations and client listings
  • Assistance during tax audits
  • Estimation of tax prepayments
  • Optimization of saving and deductible investments
  • Representation of the taxpayer before the tax authorities
  • Assistance in completing tax obligations
  • Specific advice on tax matters

Management and Advice

  • Advice on creating a company
  • Establishing a financial plan
  • Assistance in the creation of draft statutes
  • Administrative support for enrolment in the Banque Carrefours des entrepriseson à la Banque Carrefour des entreprises
  • Affiliation to the VAT
  • Accounting service organization advice
  • Assistance and advice on moving from a self-employed status to a company
  • Assistance, valuation and audits on the purchase of a company or intangible business assets (goodwill)
  • Assistance and advice on company transfers
  • Company valuation


  • Verification and adjustment of all accounting records
  • Conducting external audits
  • Critical assessment of annual accounts